The government of the Commonwealth of Virginia authorized the RAPIDPASS program in order to make Air Check Virginia more convenient for its citizens and more effective at improving air quality.

RAPIDPASS Virginia is the easiest and most convenient way to complete your Air Check Virginia emissions inspection requirement for Virginia motor vehicle registration. RAPIDPASS Virginia uses advanced RAPIDPASS systems to measure vehicle emissions while the vehicle is driven on the road. Simply drive your vehicle through a RAPIDPASS system at a RAPIDPASS location on your next trip to the store, school or work to have your vehicle's exhaust emissions remotely tested. Do this at least 120 days before your vehicle registration expires to ensure timely qualification of your vehicle and delivery of your RAPIDPASS qualification notice. Very low on-road exhaust emissions qualify your vehicle for the program and enable you to complete your required Air Check Virginia emissions inspection on-line without having to visit a traditional inspection station.

Up to 30% of vehicles subject to Air Check Virginia emissions inspection may complete their requirement via the RAPIDPASS Virginia program.